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    Your Feburary 8 Maxwell TV blog guest provided some very interesting insights into which computer hardware solutions he recommended for various “price points”. While the presentation was extremely interesting and informative, it did not aggregate the alternatives onto one slide that could have shown the:
    1) The system price point
    2) The cost per CPU core (or perhaps the cost per “thread”)
    3) The cost per core/thread times the base clock speed – how many calculations does the entire CPU put out in one second
    4) The cost per core/thread times the overclocked speed – same as 3, except if reasonable overclocking is used.
    5) The wattage used per calculation. Mr. Meyer stated that overclocking substantially increases power usage and since electricity does cost money on an ongoing basis, it would be interesting to know the “premium” we need to pay for the time reduction we get by overclocking.

    I hope he can produce this and that you can get this and all of Mr. Meyer’s recommendations posted for our continuing reference.

    Also, could you ask Mr. Meyer the safe CPU temperature for overclocking, or where that info can be found since different CPUs have different max temperatures?

    And lastly, would it be possible to get quarterly or bi-annual updates for his hardware recommendations as technology progresses?

    Thank you Mr. Meyer!! Thank you Mihai!!


    I think the cost per core info would not be so interesting because it doesn’t really matter how many cores are used, but how fast the entire CPU finishes a job. When looking for a CPU, you’re not looking for one with more or less nr of cores, you just want to know its benchmark score compared to the price of the entire CPU. It would be an interesting graph to make which simply compares a CPU price and its Maxwell benchmark. We’ll simply divide the benchmark number with the CPU price. I’m working on that for the Maxwell website, to bring back the official benchmark page, and hopefully finding a service from where I can pull the most up-to-date prices.

    As for wattage used, that would be interesting, I’ll ask Doug if he could post a comparison on the Maxwell forums. But once Maxwell GPU is working correctly, and especially if you’re using 2 or more GPUs in your computer, that electricity cost for the CPU alone will be pretty misleading. It will depend entirely how much you also use the GPUs.

    I suggest to post hardware questions on the official Maxwell forum since Doug is there often and posts updates on his tests. This is the page:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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