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Maxwell TV

Maxwell TV is a biweekly informal get-together of Maxwell users and others interested in learning more about this engine. The

Physical Sky – how to achieve any look you want

The Physical Sky settings still remain a bit of a mystery to many users and most likely they change parameters

Using Sketchup with Skatter and VIZPARK models

How to use the Maxwell versions of the Vizpark vegetation models together with Skatter

Tips on adjusting Design Connected cloth materials

Design Connected is one of the great online 3D model resources out there and recently they also started offering Maxwell

Maxwell camera parameters webinar

Here is a recording of the Novedge webinar I did discussing the Maxwell camera parameters and general camera concepts such

Tips on the new stereo VR lens and some post-prod tips

Hi Maxwelllians, here is a recording of the webinar I did on how to use the new stereo Lat/Long lens