Maxwell TV

Maxwell TV is a biweekly informal get-together of Maxwell users and others interested in learning more about this engine. The format is a 1 hour 30 minutes webinar with two parts – the first one consists of a small tutorial about any Maxwell topic and the second part is a guest that offers a glimpse of their workflow, a making-of, or just useful info to make our rendering lives easier.

You can attend the live sessions or watch the recordings which will be posted on Maxwellzone’s Vimeo and Youtube channels. Attending the live sessions lets you ask questions and chit-chat with us, so bring a mike!

This blog post will start listing each episode link and download links to any materials and/or scenes created during the sessions.

Episode 1 – January 25th, 2018

Download: Wet asphalt material

Episode 2 – February 8th, 2018

Download: Floor preview scene and concrete floor material

Episode 3 – March 1st, 2018

Download: Updated MaxwellGrass preset file with two new presets (ShagCarpet and Shag Carpet curly) + carpet material

(place MaxwellGrass.xpr file in your Maxwell install folder\extensions-x64-v140\presets)

EPISODE 4 – March 22nd, 2018

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